Niels Bourgonje

With a background in short fiction, he distinguishes himself as a storyteller with a strong eye for visuals. Driven by a huge desire to never repeat himself, Niels has directed a large variety of productions; ranging from human-driven stories to epic food and sports films. He has an unique ability to filter out a cinematic concept from a clients briefing. Infusing this concept with memorable characters and epic camerawork. With almost ten years of experience directing commercials and corporate films, he has build up a network of the best and most inspiring cameramen, editors and other collaborators to get the most out of every production.

Niels has directed for companies like McDonalds, Unilever, PwC, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Philips, Bilderberg Hotels, Eneco & Albert Heijn.

For some of his fiction work, see his website